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This is my company website. This website is built using ASP.NET. It's my first project and I was best in ASP.NET so I created using this only. We were planning to build it more dynamically but It's we are still planning.
This is an Educational Website built using ASP.NET and SQL Server as Database. You can change brouchures, courses pdf files and add a notice, add testimonial and more from admin panel.
This website I created using WordPress as they have a very low budget and because they upload very heavy Images In their Product It became Pretty heavy and takes more time to load.
This website I created in plain PHP and used MySQL as a Database to collect forms lead as a client only wanted to display his static machine content and get leads from it.
I can't take that much credit in this project as I only did 50% of work. This Project is created using ASP.NET and this website is fully dynamic 80-90% website is dynamic.
This website created using custom wordpress. Custom because I did lots of changes in theme files and added my custom PHP code like I added code for payment gateway and other stuff. Soon we are going to change this to the Laravel or .NET MVC platform.
I'll not take that much of credit in this project as I did only 60% of work in it. This project is built using Laravel. And this is a fully dynamic Job Portal Website.
Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Gupta 😉

A web Developer / Designer

I am Saurabh Gupta 👋 and I am a web developer & designer. I have several skills in web development. This is my web profile have a look and tell me how you like it 😍.
Born: 11 September 1998 👶 (age ~22 years)
Favourite Color: #000 (Black)
Education: Mumbai University 🏫, Mumbai, India.
Relationship: Single 😭
Currently Working: Adani Electricity, Borivali, India
Put less dependency in your code as well as in your life.
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