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Web Development Skills

Programming Language I Use

Let me first talk about .NET because ASP.NET is the first programming language that I fell in love with...Well It's actually HTML but most people don't consider HTML as a programming language so that's why ASP.NET is first. I've created my first .NET project in BscIT. It was Desktop Application for buying and Selling Smartphones with Bill generation and Stock Management.

After ASP.NET I joined a web designing government course there I learned PHP. It was pure basic PHP no framework or anything. I Like this language as well but there isn't any software/editor that provides any intelligence or anything for its method that makes it tough for me to understand PHP because my memory is very weak I forget anything that I learned if I don't use it more often.

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ASP.NET | Open-source web framework for .NET

I've created several projects in ASP.NET which you can find here. Now I am trying to learn MVC Framework. This is one of my favorite language.
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Laravel - PHP web framework | PHP

In Laravel I've created 1 project only which is employablemarket.com you can find for info here. I am still learning Laravel. So it will take some time for me to complete any project in laravel but I can work on laravel projects.

People also ask

Web development is the work involved in developing a website for the Internet or an intranet. Web development can range from developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services.
--- Source : Wikipedia
Well! Saurabh knows lots of programming languages required in web development. Also he has 1 and a half years of experience working in a web development company.
Saurabh teaches lots of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, ASP.NET, WordPress, MySQL or SQL Server and many more.
Well! I don't know you have to find out your self by taking a meeting or having a conversation with him. or you can judge by yourself by looking at its profile ( which you are doing it right now ) or projects he had done before.
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WordPress | A complete CMS Panel

I already worked in lots of projects build using WordPress. So I am very much familiar with anything in WordPress. I can also customize some parts of WordPress theme and plugin or add custom PHP code in it. Like adding a payment gateway whose plugin is not available in WordPress.
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HTML5 | CSS3 | Bootstrap | JQuery | Ajax

I am pretty much familiar with everything in HTML, CSS, JQuery and Bootstrap classes. Through Ajax I can query the server-side to retrieve information and all. I am also trying to upgrade my self in Sass.
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iMacros | Automation Extension

iMacros is an extension for browsers. In this you can write your own js code to automate repetitive tasks. I wrote some js script to automate FB, Insta Like and Comment based on posts. But now its a very costly extension.
Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Gupta 😉

A web Developer / Designer

I am Saurabh Gupta 👋 and I am a web developer & designer. I have several skills in web development. This is my web profile have a look and tell me how you like it 😍.
Born: 11 September 1998 👶 (age ~22 years)
Favourite Color: #000 (Black)
Education: Mumbai University 🏫, Mumbai, India.
Relationship: Single 😭
Currently Working: Adani Electricity, Borivali, India
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