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Hobbies | Saurabh Gupta

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Watching Anime

This is my favorite hobby. Whenever I get free time the first thing I do is watching my favorite anime. And one more thing anime is not a cartoon. Do u watch anime too let me know your favorite anime list.
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Learning New Tech. things

This is my second favorite hobby, In free time I usually search for new tricks or method to improve my development skills. Also I search for new library files or software released that can help me to improve myself in other fields too.
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Playing Video Games

Playing Mobile or PC games is another one of my hobbies. Though I am not that good in it, but hey it removes my frustration and I enjoy playing it.
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Listening Songs

Everyone enjoys listening to his/her favorite music, so I do. It's calm your minds, remove frustrations, distracted you from other pressures. I always listen to the song when I go to bed.
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Modding Games - Cracking Games | Apps

As you know playing video games is one of my favorite hobbies but when I get bored with any game than I crack / Mod that game using Lucky Patcher or Game Guardian to get unlimited coins or features... just another way of testing the game developer's security.
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Flashing New Android Custom ROMs

I love to flash custom android ROMs as it allows me to use the newest features of the latest phone as older phones don't get that much of android updates. Also I can customize the android's looks and feel as I want...It's like unlocking the phone's 100% power.
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Sleeping - I Love It

This is not my hobby, It's actually born talent of mine. I sleep alot. And on Sunday or other holiday occasions, I sleep until my back pains.
Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Gupta 😉

A web Developer / Designer

I am Saurabh Gupta 👋 and I am a web developer & designer. I have several skills in web development. This is my web profile have a look and tell me how you like it 😍.
Born: 11 September 1998 👶 (age ~22 years)
Favourite Color: #000 (Black)
Education: Mumbai University 🏫, Mumbai, India.
Relationship: Single 😭
Currently Working: Adani Electricity, Borivali, India
Put less dependency in your code as well as in your life.
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